Who's JollyOne?

Jolyon plays music on the move… Specializing in ballads and unique improvisations he alternates between clarinet and saxophone, smoothly mounting his unicycle and riding as he plays.  He jokes this is the only way to combine his hobbies in his time-starved lifestyle!  Certainly this hobby is appreciated by all who stop to see him as he busks his niche act regularly around Singapore.  He plays both Chinese and Western ballads, pop, Showtime and Latin numbers, giving a fresh interpretation through his imaginative playing.

When kids are around, Jolyon picks up a bubble gun, soft balls, balloons, foam rings or whatever is handy to provide mobile fun as he throws and catches with the kids on the move – often whilst still playing his music!

Jolyon has been teaching technology and design in Singapore for over 22 years and is keen to encourage any fusion of arts and science – the line between his work and his hobbies is often so blurred that he may teach with his unicycle or do physics magic in his shows!

Jolyon is a founder member of the Singapore Stompers Dixieland Jazz Band that has been starring in key jazz events in Singapore, including Jazz on the Beach at Sentosa, ChiJazz at Chijmes, Jazz in the Night at Fort Canning and many more since 1992.

More dimensions...

Enjoy his busking act – maybe suggest a song or two for him to play again.  If you are sufficiently impressed, perhaps you may wish to phone in a donation to Mercy Relief (for which he is a Director - do check out www.mercyrelief.org!)
Jolyon can be Jester Jolyon – though preferably in an air-con environment, as the suit is quite hot!

You may also wish to view some of the video clips that Jolyon has put up on YouTube, under his Unijolyon page.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR975qYD5Eo is one clip of him doing roving busking in West Coast Park)

Let’s have fun together at one of your events, too!

Jolly Ol' Santa!

Jolyon becomes Jolly-Santa Claus at the end of the year!  Regaled in his plush Santa suit, complete with his resounding bell and the rather unique santa-phone, Santa entertains kids and adults alike as he bring merry Christmas joy to public events, shopping centres, RC occasions, promotions – wherever Santa can spread his magic.

Jolly-Santa immerses himself right into his role – playing Christmas songs on the santa-phone and singing them in his jolly old Santa voice.

If the occasion so demands, Jolly-Santa can become Jolly-Saxy-Santa as he joggles around, playing a stream of Xmas songs on his alto saxophone.

And more… Jolly-Santa is sometimes Jolly-Cycling-Santa, a big old Santa on a cheerfully lit-up unicycle!

If you really, really want to go over the top, Jolly Santa can be Jolly-Saxy-Cycling-Santa, where he cycles and saxes simultaneously in his suit.  But do remember he is over 400 years old, so this extreme show is limited to about 20 minutes at a time!